"Caligo Ventures has been a pioneer in the world of birding-oriented eco-travel for well over 30 years. We specialize in high-quality birdwatching tours to some of the world's most nature-rich destinations, led by the people who know those destinations best – guides who reside in those countries and guide there year-round."

Caligo Ventures is the exclusive U.S. representative of the Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad. We also arrange tours and Birding Ventures packages for independent travelers in Belize, Panama, Guyana, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, as well as many destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Types of Trips

Caligo Ventures offers two primary types of tours: Guided Group Tours and Independent Birding Ventures. Both types are suited to the needs of different travelers.


Guided Group Tours

Our Guided Group Tours go with a maximum of 12 people, though they are usually smaller than that. They depart and end on fixed dates. They are the best way to see the most birds. They are also a great way to make friends with other birders from around the world.


Independent Birding Ventures

Our Independent Birding Ventures are designed for the independent traveller who may be interested more flexible dates, or a less intensive or shorter itinerary. Pricing is based on a minimum of two participants. Single supplement pricing is available upon request.