We are proud to announce that 2017 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Asa Wright Nature Centre. We are excited to celebrate with you! Over the years, thousands of visitors have savored time in this iconic location, a birding hotspot that many rate as the finest introduction to tropical birding. Few eco-lodges have achieved such a monumental milestone.

In 1967, visionary Audubon members rallied behind three influential people who had a dream. Renowned wildlife artist Don Eckelberry, prominent ornithologist and conservationist Erma Fisk, and Russell Mason of Florida Audubon Society joined forces to make their dream a reality. With the help of inspired donors around the country, the Spring Hill Estate and its famous Oilbird cave on Trinidad was purchased, creating the first non-profit, conservation-focused trust and eco-lodge in the Caribbean. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, the Centre protects 1500 acres of forested lands, offers a variety of educational programs to locals and international visitors, conducts wildlife research, and supports community outreach, local employment, and guide training.

Look Who's Coming to Celebrate!

Caligo Ventures is excited to announce that several celebrities will visit the Centre to help celebrate and support the Centre’s education and conservation mission. Well-known in the birding world, they look forward to sharing their expertise with you. Don’t miss your chance to mingle with our special guests as they join field trips and guided walks; bird, paint, or draw on the famed Verandah; and share meals and social time.

You're Invited to Join:

Activities & Tours

Birding & Nature

All celebrity visitors will co-lead on-site walks and off-site field trips with expert local guides. Additionally, they will offer several evening programs and be available for informal birding on the verandah, conversation at meals, and general socializing throughout the week.

Art & Nature

Edward Rooks and Keith Hansen will offer formal and informal instruction in drawing and painting, so if you would like to develop or hone your artistic skills, choosing dates with one of them makes a great choice.

How to Join These Celebrities

There are several ways you can join one of these celebrities at the Asa Wright Nature Centre. Rather than leading one specific group, celebrity birders will be spending time with all the visitors at the Centre. They will mingle with tour participants, independent birders, and those choosing a relaxing lodge stay. This allows you to make the tour choice that best fits your interest. With only 24 rooms, the Centre is an intimate environment, so all will have time to interact with our special guests.

Join an existing Guided Group Tour

This gives you all the attributes of our great birding experiences, with a full range of field trips, experienced guides in addition to the celebrity birders, a group of people with whom to share your time, as well as time with the celebrity birders.

Book as an independent traveler on a Relaxing Lodge Stay

For travelers who want leisurely time at the Centre with celebrity birders, including free time, Centre walks and all lectures, this is a great option. A Relaxing Lodge Stay includes all meals, and for those staying three nights or more, a visit to the renowned Oilbird Cave. You can also add off-site field trips with celebrity birders if space permits.

Book as an independent traveler on an Independent Birding Venture

For those who want to see the sights in both Trinidad and Tobago but prefer not to join a group (or have a schedule that doesn’t work for the group tour) we also offer a fully-inclusive independent option to explore Trinidad and Tobago. You pick the start date, the length, and the activity level and choose from a relaxed-pace journey (Basic, Basic Select) with our two most popular field trips, or turn up the birding intensity (Birder’s Intensive) with outings to additional habitats. Time with the Celebrity Birders will involve guided group outings, evening programs, meals, and leisure time on the Verandah.

Book your own group tour

Have a small group of friends, family or Chapter members you would like to bring to the Centre during the Anniversary year (including when celebrity birders are visiting)? We are happy to host you! Contact Caligo Ventures to make arrangements.

Photo credits: Banner: AWNC Walkway, Mukesh Ramdass. All others excluding celebrity birder portraits, Noel Snyder.