Costa Rica

A bird watcher’s dream! Few places in the world can boast of so many different birds in such a small area. 820 species of birds — more than all of the United States and Canada combined — have been reported in Costa Rica, a country the size of West Virginia. Bird watchers are delighted when they hear that there are 75 bird families represented here that include 51 species of hummingbirds, 48 warblers, and 45 tanagers.

Not only is Costa Rica’s avifauna diverse, but also well protected by a world-renowned national park system, and well studied by scientists from around the world. Lying between two great continents, each with its peculiar avifauna, Costa Rica is a land bridge where the faunas of the two continents meet and intermingle. Largely due to its geographical position and the diversity of its habitats, Costa Rica’s avifauna is exceptional and its interesting and diverse mammal population is equally exciting.

Photos: Golden-hooded Tanager, Silver-throated Tanager, Painted Oxcart, Three-toed Sloth, by Peg Abbott


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