Trinidad & Tobago: The Asa Wright Nature Centre & Beyond

There is no better introduction to birding in the New World tropics than a trip to the two-island nation of Trinidad & Tobago. The islands contain a diversity of easily-accessible birdwatching habitats that allow unparalleled access to some of the worlds most stunningly beautiful birds.

Trinidad, only seven miles off the coast of Venezuala, contains an abundance of species found in northeastern South America. Tobago’s avifauna is more Caribbean in it’s makeup.

In Trinidad our tours are based at the world-famous Asa Wright Nature Centre, a charming lodge located in a 2,000 acre tract of rainforest high in the Arima Valley of the island’s Northern Range. Visitors usually see more than 40 species of birds before breakfast. For the first time visitor, many of those birds are life birds. (Caligo Ventures is the exclusive U.S. representative of the Asa Wright Nature Centre.)

In Tobago, our tours stay at one of two locations – either the remote and intimate Cuffie River Nature Retreat, located in Tobago’s highland rainforest, or the newly-renovated beachfront Blue Waters Inn on the island’s northern coast.

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Photos: Verandah at Asa Wright Nature Centre, Pygmy Kingfisher, View from the Verandah, by Peg Abbott