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We are Caligo Ventures, a leader in eco-tourism, birding and wildlife tours, and travel since 1983. We offer three areas of nature travel expertise: Guided Group Tours, Independent Birding Ventures (IBVs), and Relaxing Lodge Stays.

Our strongest association is with the twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. For 40 years we were proud to be the exclusive North American booking agent for the Asa Wright Nature Centre, supporting their conservation mission through ecotourism. Challenges of the pandemic led to closure of this venerable pioneer ecolodge in January of 2020. Thankfully other delightful lodges have stepped up the challenge and we are able to continue our very popular birding and natural history tours, as well as independent travel. Eco-travel follows the laws of nature; when a large tree falls in the rainforest, new growth emerges, and until such time that the Centre may open again, we lend our expertise to planning some exciting days ahead for our travelers to Trinidad and Tobago.

Beyond Trinidad, we offer independent travel packages (IBVs) to birding and nature-rich destinations throughout the New World Tropics and in parts of the USA, using quality eco-lodges and local guides. We are known for our guided small-group tours to a host of destinations, including Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, and Africa. Caligo Ventures’ tours are now all shared with, and operated by, our partner company, Naturalist Journeys.

Caligo Ventures and Naturalist Journeys are partner companies that operate out of one office, based in Portal, Arizona. Having merged operations, we offer a fantastic array of nature and birding travel opportunities. Call or email one of our Travel Planners to join a tour, or to plan independent travel exclusively for you. Additionally, we set up group tours for organizations, family, and friends.

Caligo Ventures’ Travel Options

Travel in Trinidad & Tobago: Guided Group, Independent Travel & Lodge Stays

Hugging the continent of South America and anchoring the Caribbean, the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago is considered by birders and nature enthusiasts to be the best possible introduction to the tropics.

Caligo Ventures offers high-quality Guided Group Tours, Independent Birding Ventures, and Relaxing Lodge Stays. Our expert travel planners make booking easy ― from lodge and hotel stays on Trinidad and Tobago, or with travel to Guyana, Panama, or other select Caribbean destinations.

Trinidad & Tobago Travel Options

Independent Birding Ventures — Beyond Trinidad & Tobago

Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Tropical Americas & USA

Prefer to explore more on your own, or set your own dates and pace? Caligo Ventures has over two decades of experience and is a leader in planning independent travel for birders. Trinidad and Tobago was our first destination; today Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Arizona, South Florida, and Washington join the list as some of our most popular independent destinations. In Trinidad, Belize, and Panama we offer popular two- or three-lodge birding packages, using top ecolodges and talented local guides ― at great value. In Costa Rica, Honduras, Ecuador, and several destinations in the USA, we craft a custom adventure just for you. International independent travel includes airport greeting and all transport. USA “mini-tours for two” are self-drive.

Independent Birding Ventures

Guided Group Tours — Beyond Trinidad & Tobago

Birding & Nature Worldwide

Caligo Ventures offers guided group tours with its partner company, Naturalist Journeys, whose owner Peg Abbott had a close affiliation with the original owners of Caligo Ventures, Margaret and Phil Schaeffer, through mutual work with non-profit conservation organizations. In 2013, the opportunity arose to merge Naturalist Journeys and Caligo Ventures. The result is a fantastic mix of birding and wildlife travel worldwide, from Alaska to Argentina and Antarctica. Guided group tours retain the Caligo style and commitment to conservation, including use of local guides, offered in partnership with Naturalist Journeys ― with one phone call you access both companies. Naturalist Journeys welcomes Caligo travelers, and hosts group travel to all destinations beyond Trinidad and Tobago. A click here takes you to their website, toggle names in the upper bar to return.

Guided Group Tours are shared and operated with our partner company, Naturalist Journeys

Our Mission

Caligo Ventures seeks to enrich the lives of its travelers by supporting ecotourism projects that involve local communities in meaningful, professional work that is sustainable, and of benefit to nature, conservation, and education.

Photo credits: White-necked Jacobin bathing by Buck Snelson


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