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Who We Are

We are a dynamic travel company committed to conservation. We have stayed small so that we can manage operations on passion and personal vision; we have strong relationships with our travelers, and the host lodges we visit. Originally founded by Phil and Margaret Schaeffer in 1983, Peg Abbott and her company, Naturalist Journeys, carry on the traditions of Caligo: finding sustainable, quality ecolodges, using local guides, and featuring (where possible) local foods to make for memorable travel.

The island nation of Trinidad and Tobago is a marvelous example of ecotourism, where local guides have become top-rate professionals, hospitality services run with ease but retain their island flair, and menus feature local foods. Birding is augmented by a strong sense of place, and visitors make a difference. Collectively, we treasure birding, nature, travel, good food, and good company ― our inspiration in designing unique travel opportunities.

What We Do

Beyond managing every aspect of your travel experience, whether with a group or on an independent journey, we are committed to responsible travel and eco-tourism. We work tirelessly to ensure that our trips benefit the communities in which we travel, and our funds assist local conservation efforts.

Why We Are Different

We have stayed small, and we offer personal service. Our carefully-crafted travel experiences are creative, dynamic, and enduring, inspired by the natural world and the humans we share it with. We relish the art of nature travel, savoring our experience with each creature and landscape. And although birds are our specialty, natural history, scenic appreciation, culture, and geology play a strong role in all of our travels. We share expertise in birding, but blend those skills with other interests, allowing time for personal exploration.

Photo credits: Banner: Owl Butterfly (Caligo), Buck Snelson; Birding Cuffie Road, Dodie Logue; Lotus Flower, Karen Chiasson; Tufted Coquette, Mukesh Ramdass; White-fronted Capuchins, Panama, Peg Abbott; Purple Honeycreeper, Peg Abbott; Birding Caroni National Park, Dodie Logue; Boatbill Herons, Tom Dove; Photographers, Margaret Snelson.


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