Coronavirus/COVID-19 UPDATE

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

As new information becomes available, we are working hard to stay informed. The situation has variables that change daily, such as airport closures, so it’s important that we keep in good communication with all of our clients booked on travel for the next three months. For travel beyond that, we will reassess as we go, and we are flexing our payment due dates to give you relief about making big decisions.

We are addressing client options tour by tour, in close contact with all that have signed on. If you are considering new travel, we will be flexible on our policies of cancellation until this situation sorts itself out.

These are trying times, but we have always managed risk of many kinds as we explore some of the world's most remote and wild places. The birds and wildlife have led us there, and we will continue to follow, with caution and commitment to how much meaning travel adds to our lives.


Please know that we will never reschedule your tour lightly. For all our services, rebooking options are available.

For Caligo Ventures' Trinidad and Tobago Tours and Services Now – the Mid-June

In these unprededented times, we want you as clients to have options and we are doing our best to work on protecting your investment. For clients signed on to our mid-March to end of May tours or Independent travel options, we hope to operate as planned, but this is subject to Trinidad and Tobago airports staying open and of course USA airports as well. If you feel at this time you should not travel, but your tour or services have not been cancelled, we will rebook you as space is available for something this fall or next winter. You will have one year from the dates of your tour or services to rebook. This should also allow you to use your airline tickets which for the most part have waived fees for that change, though they differ in end-dates by which you can do so. Please keep in mind that all tours within 90 days of departure are subject to payments we have already made to our vendors, so rebooking is your best option. Re-booking should be in your same category of seasonal rates, if you bump up a category Caligo Ventures will offer a 20% discount on that. All clients that must reschedule will receive a travel voucher.

For Caligo Ventures' Trinidad and Tobago Tours June – September

For tours summer and onward, please give these decisions some time. We will watch and wait, carefully consider, and then respond. We are encouraged that most airlines have granted no change fees. But right now this is only through April 30 - it is in your best interest if you have booked air to wait until they extend this important offer. As the pandemic continues, they will likely extend that date, as we will as well, so you do not have to make difficult decisions about your trip just yet. We also will suspend payment due in due dates for 30 days from now, until April 15 for accurate assessment.

For us to reschedule a tour we would need:

  • State Department Level 4 (highest) travel warnings to avoid the geographic tour area

  • Closure of airports serving the geographic tour area

  • Quarantine of communities in our geographic tour area—we would of course look at potential to significantly re-route the tour if it was only a small area

  • Decision by our operator not to run the tour

Going forward, our company has a risk management plan to guide our decisions; we check a number of agency and academic websites that post virus updates daily (some hourly), and we get professional consultation. As new information evolves, we will continue to reevaluate and communicate to you.

We are a small and personal company and we have your best interest in mind. We cannot shield you from every penalty, but we can negotiate using our long-term relationships with our suppliers. We will try to flex our normal cancellation policy on your behalf as we can. If borders close us in or out (such as USA travelers being precluded from travel) we will work with our vendors to reschedule or refund.

This is an evolving situation and we will post updates frequently.

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