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Belize has long enjoyed a reputation for unsurpassed natural beauty, with 570 bird species documented in a country just the size of Massachusetts. Two-thirds of Belize is covered in tropical forest, half of which is old growth primary forest, and home to howler monkeys, tapirs, anteaters, and the occasional lurking jaguar. The country is also full of mangrove communities, riparian lagoons, coral reefs, and outlying islands, home to bustling seabird colonies.

Independent Birding Ventures

Click any of the Independent Birding Ventures below for more information. View Belize Lodges
An Independent Birding Venture (IBV) to Belize is like a “mini-tour”—guides are available during your stay at delightful, small eco-lodges. With Naturalist Journeys’ IBVs, you pick the start date, the length, and the activity level. Designed for two or more people, travel with that special someone, a family member, or a group of friends. IBVs are great for photographers and for couples or friends with varied interest in birding.

Naturalist Journeys makes it easy! Call a travel planner today to design your Belize IBV. Do browse our list of lodges, check out their website, but most importantly, let us talk through the best combinations and features of each to help you decide.

Prices are determined based on lodge selection, cost of transfers, and length of stay. Please work with a travel planner for a quote.

Next steps? It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Feel free to contact us with questions.
1. Choose your dates; we check availability.
2. Choose your lodges.
3. Call (800) 426-7781 or email

For a fabulous Independent Birding Venture, we recommend that you combine 2 lodges for a week-long trip, 3 lodges for a 10 day trip, and up to 4 lodges for a well-paced two-week getaway. By visiting different districts, you expand habitats you can visit. Talk to us about your goals—quality birding with nice amenities, best mix of different birding areas, or a mix of birding and beach. Those interested in adding some cultural elements might want to add day trip to Tikal in neighboring Guatemala from lodges on the west side of Orange Walk or Cayo District. Transport between lodges can be by road or a short flight—Belize is well set up for flights and our lodges provide air-strip pickups. All can be set up as private transfers.

Details Pricing
Our most popular combination. Choose from a 7, 8 or even 10-night IBV.
7-Night / 8-Day IBV
3 nights at Lamanai Outpost & 4 nights at Chan Chich Lodge
From $2895
8-Night / 9-Day IBV
4 nights at Lamanai Outpost & 4 nights at Chan Chich Lodge
From $3290
A great combination of birds and beach.
7-Night / 8-Day IBV
4 nights at Chan Chich Lodge & 3 nights at South Water Caye
Please inquire.
9-Night / 10-Day IBV
Hidden Valley + Lodge at Big Falls + South Water Caye
Please inquire.
Western & Southern Belize: Lush Forests, Rivers & Pines
Great for a 7 or 8-Night IBV.
3 nights at Hidden Valley* & 4 nights at Lodge at Big Falls From $3790
4 nights at Hidden Valley* & 4 nights at Lodge at Big Falls Please inquire.
*Alternate lodge can be Black Rock Lodge
10-Day Bird Blitz
Chan Chich, Hidden Valley* & The Lodge at Big Falls.
*Alternate lodge can be Black Rock Lodge
We can recommend how to best divide your time according to your interests. Please inquire.

Relaxing Lodge Stays

Click any of the Relaxing Lodge Stays below for more information. Just want to go one place and simply stay put? This is our top choice:

Details Pricing
6-Night / 7-Day Stay Please inquire.

IBVs include accommodations, all meals, transfers, and our recommended select guided activities; other activities can be added for additional cost, according to your interests.

For Guided Group Tours to Belize and more, please visit our partner, Naturalist Journeys.

Photo credits: Banner: Pale-billed Woodpecker, Narca Moore-Craig; Mennonite Traffic, Peg Abbott; Greenhill Butterfly Farm Feeder Tray, Peg Abbott; Keel-billed Toucan, Narca Moore-Craig; Black Orchid, Narca Moore-Craig; Black-headed Trogon Preening, Peg Abbott; Tody Motmot, Peg Abbott.


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