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Enjoy a Relaxing Lodge Stay at two absolutely delightful lodges, each with fabulous birding and wildlife, as well as creature comforts and warm hospitality. A short charter flight connects the two.

Your stay begins in Belize where you are quickly introduced to quintessentially Neotropical bird families such as toucans, parrots, and trogons within easy reach of the comforts of Chan Chich Lodge. Chan Chich is remote, accessed typically by small plane, so it retains its wild character and full ecological medley of mammals, including three rare wild cat species: Jaguar, Jaguarundi, and Margay. You then fly to Honduras for a smooth travel day to link up to the luxurious Pico Bonito Lodge for more relaxing, birding, and perhaps even beach and snorkeling adventures.

Photo credits: Banner: Pico Bonito Entrance, James Adams; Mexicana-tropical Salamander, Robert Gallardo; Caligo Uranus, Robert Gallardo; Oropendola, Steve Wylie; Golden-hooded Tanager, Robert Gallardo; Black Howler Monkey, Peg Abbott; White-collared Manakin, Peg Abbott; Chan Chich Suspension Bridge, Peg Abbott; Collared Aracari, Peg Abbott.


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