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Highlights on Trinidad
• 4 nights at the renowned Asa Wright Nature Centre
• Guided walks and evening programs at the AWNC
• A tour of the Centre’s Dunston Cave to view the breeding Oilbird colony
• A trip to Caroni National Park, where your day ends with the spectacular flight of Scarlet Ibis returning to their mangrove roosts — truly one of the world’s most dramatic natural moments

Highlights on Tobago
• 3 nights at Cuffie River Nature Retreat or Blue Waters Inn
• A Little Tobago Island birding boat tour with hike to see resident seabirds

Photo credits: Banner: Crested Caracara, Alex Vargo; Bat Resting, Dodie Logue; Blue-chinned Sapphire, Dave Ramlal; Bananaquit, Mike Boyce; Blue-gray Tanager, Mike Boyce; Butterfly Orchid, Buck Snelson; Bearded Bellbird Lek, Dodie Logue; Channel-billed Toucan, Sandy Sorkin; Katydid, Bob Behrstock.


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