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Perfect for fans of natural history and birding with additional guided field time. Adds another night at AWNC and additional off-site field trips on both islands.

Highlights on Trinidad
• 5 nights at the AWNC
• All Basic IBV activities
• Adds a night birding, or in season, night turtles excursion
• Adds a full day of guided birding off-site in the mountains of the Northern Range on Blanchisseuse Road.

Highlights on Tobago
• 3 nights at Cuffie River Nature Retreat or Blue Waters Inn
• All Basic IBV activities
• Adds guided birding outing on the Gilpin Trace Forest Preserve, the oldest bird sanctuary in the Western Hemisphere

Photo credits: Banner: Purple Honeycreeper Cluster, Peg Abbott; AWNC Walkway, Bud Ferguson; Snowy Egrets, Buck Snelson; Agouti, Kim Wright; Brasso Seco Lunch, Dodie Logue; Green Honeycreeper, Alan Gertler; Barred Antshrike, Peg Abbott; Birding AWNC Entrance Road, Karen LeMay; Blue-chinned Sapphire, Buck Snelson.


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