The Premium Select IBV offers an additional night at the AWNC, two additional field trips (one mid-range and one full-range), and time at both lodges on Tobago. Like all of our levels of Trinidad and Tobago IBVs, the Premium Select features time at the celebrated Asa Wright Nature Centre (AWNC) in the scenic Northern Range. However, with the Premium Select, you enjoy time at two lodges on Tobago (why choose one lodge when you can visit both?) — a perfect way to immerse yourself in the distinctly different feel of both islands.

All of our Trinidad and Tobago IBVs include:
• Guided walks and evening programs at the AWNC
• A tour of the Centre’s Dunston Cave to view the breeding Oilbird colony
• A trip to Caroni National Park, where your day ends with the spectacular flight of Scarlet Ibis returning to their mangrove roosts — truly one of the world’s most dramatic natural moments
• A Little Tobago Island glass-bottom boat tour with hike to see resident seabirds

Premium Select 9-Night IBV Details
• 5 nights at the renowned Asa Wright Nature Centre
• 2 nights at Cuffie River Nature Retreat on Tobago
• 2 nights at Blue Waters Inn on Tobago

Why upgrade from the Basic to the Premium Select IBV?
• Enjoy an additional night at the AWNC
• Add on an additional mid-range and an additional full-range field trip of your choice from the AWNC
• Spend time at two Tobago resorts (with a full day at each)

How does an IBV compare to Caligo’s Guided Group Tours?
For keen birders, a guided group tour is still the top choice; on each island you have one guide dedicated to your group who tracks your sightings and makes decisions on how best to spend time each day, based on what the group has seen. And, more eyes typically results in more species seen. Groups also have access to one additional birding area that individuals do not, and Caligo groups enjoy a special lunch at Brasso Seco village. The advantages of an IBV are that it can be set for any date, and it can be set more at your own pace — relaxed or birder’s intensive. While you do join other independent birders on field trips, you are typically with 4 – 6 persons on the field trips. An IBV is ideal for companions that have different levels of interest, one can join field trips while the other relaxes at the lodge. Cultural forays can be arranged as well.

Please note, that although those on an IBV may have different guides for different trips, all are top-rate guides.

Photo credits: Banner: Yellow-hooded Blackbirds, Alan Gertler; Bay-headed Tanager, Sandy Sorkin; Blue Waters Inn Beach, Peg Abbott; Blue Dacnis, Sandy Sorkin; View from the AWNC Verandah, Alan Gertler; Tropical Skimmer, Buck Snelson; Tufted Coquette, Buck Snelson; Collared Trogon, Robert Martinez; Channel-billed Toucan, Robert Martinez.