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Any IBV booking can add one or two nights at Grande Riviere. It is remote (about 3 hours from AWNC), very scenic – on the beach, and quiet, a village of just 50 people. Lush forests cover the mountain backdrop that comes right down to the sea, providing refuge for rare Pawi, the local name for Trinidad Piping-Guan. April – August brings the bonus of seeing nesting Leatherback Turtles as well. This add-on does bring some cost due to the special nature of the transfer, local guiding, and remote, boutique hotel. This area is true Caribbean with a laid-back vibe – not for everyone but we think very special!

Photo credits: Banner: Trinidad Piping-Guan by Peg Abbott; Barred Antshrike by Doug Greenberg; Trinidad Scenic, CV Stock; Little Egret by Mike Boyce; Green-throated Mango, GLCH; Trinidad Piping-Guan by Mukesh Ramdass; Leatherback Turtle by Ted Chu; Palm Tanager by Doug Greenberg; Rufous-tailed Jacamars by Doug Greenberg.


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