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5 Nights at the Asa Wright Nature Centre
• Guided walks and evening programs at the AWNC
• A tour of the Centre’s Dunston Cave to view the breeding Oilbird colony
• A trip to Caroni National Park where your day ends with the spectacular flight of Scarlet Ibis returning to their mangrove roosts — truly one of the world’s most dramatic natural moments
• Guided Birding on Trinidad’s Northern Range on Blanchisseuse Road
• Guided Birding at Aripo Agricultural Station
• Scenic drive to Trinidad’s Northeast Corner, Toco Lighthouse Scenic view.

2 Nights at Grande Riviere
• Guided birding outing to find PAWI, the rare and endemic Trinidad Piping Guan
• Additional guided birding, half day in local area
• Seasonal – turtle viewing with local conservation group guides (entry fee paid directly at time of viewing)

Photo credits: Banner: Trinidad Motmot by Cristina Heins; Copper-rumped Hummingbird by Buck Snelson; Boat-billed Herons by Tom Dove; AWNC Grounds by Hugh Simmons Photography; Photographer by Hugh Simmons Photography; Bay-headed Tanager by Glenn Chambliss; AWNC, Caligo Ventures Stock; Grand Riviere, Caligo Ventures Stock; Trinidad Piping-Guan by Mukesh Ramdass.


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