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You can have it all! This IBV gives you time to really get to know these islands and their avian jewels. Our biggest complaint about tours and IBV’s is “I wish I had more time”. This option continues to add time highlights to the Birder’s Plus: It includes BOTH lodges on Tobago.

Highlights on Trinidad
• 6 nights at AWNC
• All Birder’s Plus IBV activities
• Adds additional guided trip to Trinidad’s East Coast and Nariva Swamp.

Highlights on Tobago
Spend two nights at BOTH lodges on Tobago with guided birding plus time to unwind in these idyllic settings.

Photo credits: Banner: Turquoise Tanagers, Ann Sealey; Yellow-chinned Spinetail, Mike Boyce; White-necked Jacobin, Janet Metzger; Tufted Coquette, Buck Snelson; Scarlet Ibis at Sunset, Buck Snelson; Ruby Topaz, Dave Ramlal; Cuffie River Nature Retreat, Bud Ferguson; Trinidad Motmot by Mike Boyce.


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