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Caligo Ventures offers guided group tours with its partner company, Naturalist Journeys, whose owner Peg Abbott had a close affiliation with the original owners of Caligo Ventures, Margaret and Phil Schaeffer, through mutual work with non-profit conservation organizations. In 2013, the opportunity arose to merge Naturalist Journeys and Caligo Ventures. The result is a fantastic mix of birding and wildlife travel worldwide, from Alaska to Argentina and Antarctica. Guided group tours retain the Caligo style and commitment to conservation, including use of local guides, offered in partnership with Naturalist Journeys ― with one phone call you access both companies. Naturalist Journeys welcomes Caligo travelers, and hosts group travel to all destinations beyond Trinidad and Tobago. One click takes you to their website, toggle names in the upper bar to return.

Photo credits: Banner: Gustavo Canas Valle Guiding, Peg Abbott


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