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Experience Trinidad and Tobago, the best introduction to tropical birding on the planet, with our 10-Day, 2-Island Classic Tour. Trinidad, with its proximity to Venezuela, offers a variety of birds not usually seen on an island (Caroni Marsh, with its daily Scarlet Ibis Spectacular, is an iconic destination in itself), while Tobago feels entirely different—classic Caribbean. Combined, these islands provide a variety of habitats that yield dramatic diversity.

Spend time with toucans, trogons, manakins, colorful tanagers, elegant seabirds and more, based out of three locations—Pax Guest House and the waterfront Hyatt Regency on Trinidad, and the delightful Cuffie River Nature Retreat on Tobago. Caligo Ventures has over thirty-five years’ experience setting up Guided Group Tours, using expert local guides?this is a great way for you to save and to support local communities and local expert guides.

Note that while all itineraries include both the Pax Guest House and the Hyatt Regency, on some the two may be interchanged, according to availability.

Tour Highlights on Trinidad

  • Experience outstanding comfort at the Hyatt Regency, our base for also exploring the mountains, savanna and mangroves of Central Trinidad.
  • Enjoy big vistas and hummingbirds at Pax Guest House—a quiet oasis just a short ride from coastal birding and the cultural hub of Port of Spain.
  • Bird in varied habitats from savanna to mangrove, lowland forest to mountain terrain.
  • Dine in a local village known for making quality chocolates and local cuisine.
  • Discover intimate views and potential photos of birds at gardens in selected lunch stops, with brilliantly colored hummingbirds, honeycreepers, tanagers, toucans, and more.
  • Witness skies turned crimson with thousands of Scarlet Ibis coming in to roost in Caroni National Park.

Tour Highlights on Tobago

  • Arrive to a frenzy at Cuffie River Resort’s feeders, perfect for observation and photography. Enjoy creative tropical architecture; let the breeze be your ventilation in this peaceful mountain retreat.
  • Take a swim—from the pool watch Trinidad Motmot, Rufous-vented Chachalaca and Orange-winged Parrots!
  • Enjoy creative tropical architecture; let the breeze be your ventilation in this peaceful mountain retreat.
  • Marvel at dinner guests that may include a White-tailed Nightjar or the Common Potoo.
  • Visit Tobago’s historic Main Forest Ridge Preserve and Little Tobago Island with experienced, local guides, followed by a boat ride to land and observe seabirds on Little Tobago Island.

Photo credits: Banner: Savannah Hawk, Mike Boyce; Red-and-Green Macaw, Faraaz Abdool; Yellow Silk Moths, Dave Ramlal; Grey Kingbird, Mike Boyce; Barred Antshrike; Scarlet Peacock, Mukesh Ramdass; Blue-chinned Saphire, Dave Ramlal; Sleeping Bat, Dodie Logue; Tegu Lizard, Howard Topoff.


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