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Join this special 10-Day, 2-Island Classic Trinidad and Tobago birding and nature tour, the very best introduction to tropical birding. This tour features author and editor of Birding magazine Ted Floyd. Well-known for his festival appearances, too, Ted is excited to share his expertise with you.

Trinidad, with its nearness to Venezuela, offers a variety of birds not usually seen on an island, while Tobago feels completely different — classic Caribbean. Combined, these islands offer a variety of habitats that yield dramatic diversity.

This exciting tour lets you enjoy a full Trinidad immersion based out of the world-renowned Asa Wright Nature Centre (AWNC), your home for six nights of the tour. Join Ted on the Centre’s famed verandah for enticingly rich birding—if you are new to the tropics, you may see forty life birds before breakfast! We also spend time on Tobago where you enjoy three nights at the gracious Cuffie River Nature Retreat, an intimate 10-room lodge tucked in the forest, where birds abound.

Tour Highlights on Trinidad

  • Discover the AWNC with expert guides, who share robust knowledge and world-class guiding
  • Relax with morning coffee and easy birding on the famed verandah
  • See Oilbirds in Dunston Cave on the Centre’s grounds
  • Hike intriguing trails with trained and personable guides
  • Witness skies clouded with hundreds of Scarlet Ibis as they roost at Caroni National Park

Tour Highlights on Tobago

  • Arrive to a frenzied feeding at Cuffie River’s feeders, perfect for relaxed viewing and photography
  • Enjoy Cuffie River’s distinctive tropical architecture and gentle breezes in the mountains
  • Marvel at Cuffie River’s dinner guests: maybe a White-tailed Nightjar or Common Potoo
  • Cruise to Little Tobago Island and hike Tobago’s historic Main Ridge Forest Reserve

Photo credits: Banner: Copper-rumped Hummingbird by Buck Snelson; Bananaquit by Sandy Sorkin; Golden-olive Woodpecker by Sandy Sorkin; Common Potoo at Cuffie River Nature Retreat by Mike Boyce; Red-billed Tropicbird by Mike Boyce; Trinidad Motmot by Mike Boyce; Oilbird by Janice Petko; Purple Honeycreeper by Peg Abbott; Red-crowned Woodpecker by Sandy Sorkin.


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