"We really enjoyed the entire trip, both sites. Most especially, the people at both Asa Wright and Cuffie. Mukesh, Charron & Roodal were expert guides for us! Every excursion was top notch. A favorite was the ending of our Blanchisseuse day...when a dizzying amount of birds had our heads swiveling! Lilac tailed parrotlets, Blue-headed parrots, Black tailed Tityra, Crimson crested Woodpecker & many more! Such fun!"

- November 2017 Traveler

Explore Trinidad and Tobago, the best introduction to tropical birding on the planet, with our 10-Day, 2-Island Classic Tour. Based out of Trinidad’s world-renowned Asa Wright Nature Centre (AWNC) and Tobago’s Cuffie River Nature Retreat, you’ll discover a fascinating cross-section of brilliant birds from the Caribbean and South America.

Tour Highlights on Trinidad

  • Travel with AWNC’s expert guides, who share robust knowledge and friendly, world-class guiding skills
  • Savor six nights at the classic AWNC; relish morning coffee and birding on the famous verandah
  • Gain exclusive access to enigmatic Oilbirds in the grotto of Dunston Cave, on the Centre’s grounds
  • Witness skies turned crimson with thousands of Scarlet Ibis coming in to roost in Caroni National Park

Tour Highlights on Tobago

  • Arrive to a frenzy at the lodge’s feeders, perfect for observation and photography
  • Enjoy creative tropical architecture; let the breeze be your ventilation in this peaceful mountain retreat
  • Marvel at dinner guests that may include — just outside — a White-tailed Nightjar or the Common Potoo
  • Visit Tobago’s historic Main Forest Ridge Preserve and Little Tobago Island

Photo credits: Banner: Solitary Sandpiper, Mike Boyce; Great Egret, Mike Boyce; Green-rumped Parrotlet, Mike Boyce; Frog, Mike Boyce; Frank's Boat Tours to Little Tobago Island, Mike Boyce; Purple Honeycreepers, Peg Abbott; Boat-billed Herons, Tom Dove; Brown Violetear, Dave Ramlal.