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Join us for a special opportunity to explore Trinidad with Dennis Paulson, an unparalleled expert, photographer and author on the identification and natural history of dragonflies and damselflies. The chance to travel with Dennis is exciting news for Caligo Ventures and the Asa Wright Nature Centre. Dennis’s broad knowledge of nature will help you discover the amazing natural history of Trinidad in tremendous detail.

The Neotropical islands of Trinidad and Tobago are highly-regarded as a place to see spectacular birds at close range – particularly the colorful species almost in arm’s reach observed with ease from the Asa Wright Nature Centre’s famed Verandah. Equally ornate, but less well-known, the richly diverse members of the order Odonata are exciting to observe – so jewel-like and varied. Thrill to find the delicate Fairy Skimmer, the electric Guiana Scarlettail, and the spectacular Magnificent Megadarner, while expanding your knowledge of these unique species and so many more. Recording our sightings as we go, we hope to add more to the knowledge base of the islands with every day’s field sightings!

Along the way, take in a sample of the incredible species diversity of Trinidad, with over 480 birds, 97 native mammals, over 100 reptiles and amphibians, 617 butterfly species as well as more than 2,200 species of flowering plants that bring so many birders and natural history buffs to this two-island nation. Local expert birding guides join Dennis on all field outings.

For those that wish, there is always time for great birding too! Awaken in your comfortable room at the Asa Wright Nature Centre to the call of the Barred Antshrike. Watch stunning Green Honeycreepers and up to 40 other species at feeders from the Centre’s famous veranda while sipping coffee grown and roasted on the Centre’s estate. Scan the forest trails for trogons, toucans and antbirds with the guidance of local Centre guides. Hear the “gong” of the Bearded Bellbird across the forest canopy. And complete your day with a night hike or drive for secretive owls and nightjars.

Dennis is joined by our great Trinidad-based birding guides. Nancy Norman, an avid dragon enthusiast and photographer lends a hand as well.

Tour Highlights on Trinidad

  • Identify, observe and photograph if you wish, many of the over 120 species of dragonflies and damselflies found in Trinidad – get up close to these flying jewels!
  • Learn all about odonate biology--their foraging behavior and diet, their reproductive habits, and what their larvae are doing underwater
  • In addition to dragonflies, Dennis will helpally your sightings of tropical insects, birds, bats and other mammals, plants and more as you survey the scenery of Trinidad’s lush mountains and extensive shores, including mangroves, freshwater swamps, pocket wetlands, forest trails, gardens and agricultural fields
  • Take time to witness manakin leks, army ants and tarantulas, mammals and oilbirds, and, of course, dragonflies along Asa Wright Nature Centre’s extensive trails and garden paths
  • Try a night hike; or check the spotlights set up to attract fanciful moths
  • Experience crimson skies with thousands of Scarlet Ibis flying in front of the sunset to their roost in Caroni National Park

Photo credits: Antillean Skimmer, Buck Snelson; Red-tailed Skimmer, Nancy Norman (NN); Guiana Scarlettail, NN; Red-faced Dragonlet, NN; Royal FIretip, NN; Raquet-tipped Rubyspot, NN; Hightip Wedgetail, NN; Golden Streamskimmer, NN.


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