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This tour is designed to showcase the best of Trinidad. Compared to our classic 10-Day, 2-Island Classic Tour, it is more flexible in pace, with options to pursue your interests, be they birding, butterflies, photography, or simply relaxing in a tropical setting (and let the birds come to you). It is ideal for returning guests, or for couples or friends with diverse interests. It also fits well into a calendar week, great for those with limited time. Two fine lodges are featured for variety.

First and foremost, you stay at the Asa Wright Nature Centre (AWNC), enjoying the famous verandah and venturing off the grounds to see the Scarlet Ibis at Caroni National Park and scenic mountain terrain of the surrounding Northern Range. If you are keen on birding, there are opportunities for optional field trips farther away, such as the full-day outing to Nariva Swamp. Avid photographers may hire a photography expert (subject to availability). After five nights at AWNC, spend your last two nights at a boutique, beachfront lodge on Trinidad’s northern coast, where lush forests provide a stronghold for the endangered Trinidad Piping-guan. As you travel between lodges, you take time to visit the Aripo Agricultural Station.

Tour Highlights on Trinidad

  • Travel with AWNC’s expert guides, who share robust knowledge and friendly, world-class guiding skills
  • Savor five nights at the classic AWNC; relish morning coffee and birding on the famous verandah
  • Gain exclusive access to enigmatic Oilbirds in the grotto of Dunston Cave
  • Witness skies turned crimson with thousands of Scarlet Ibis coming in to roost in Caroni National Park
  • Enjoy optional excursions if you’d like more birding or photography experiences
  • Relish two nights at Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel in Grande Riviere
  • Look for the highly endangered Trinidad Piping-guan while at Grande Riviere

Photo credits: Banner: Trinidad Piping-guan, Peg Abbott; Blue-gray Tanager, Mike Boyce; Black Vulture, Mike Boyce; Porcupine, AWNC stock; Tufted Coquette, Buck Snelson; Savannah Hawk, Dave Ramlal; AWNC Road, AWNC stock; Pinnated Bittern, Dave Ramlal; Road to Grand Riviere, Caligo Ventures stock.


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