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Good news! The growing Slow Travel movement has made it to Trinidad and Tobago, with Caligo Ventures adding a relaxed-pace option to its menu of tours in the fall of 2019. While fast-paced travelers are just-now learning Slow Travel secrets, Trinidad & Tobago residents for a long time have known that going slow and savoring experiences is the way to go—they call it LIMING. It’s a carefree Caribbean ability to delight in life and friends, and simply enjoy gathering.

To Lime: In Trinidad & Tobago, “liming” is more than a verb. It’s a practiced art that elevates doing nothing to another level. Liming is social, time spent with friends, something locals take pride in and often schedule for weekends, holidays—whenever! Liming implies sharing food, fun, drinks, talk, and laughter. Life is short—we invite you to lime! Go Slow Travel: Yes, this is now a popular term for travel! Go Slow experiences are designed to savor the moment and not return from vacation more exhausted than when you started. Similar to the Slow Food movement that prizes tradition and quality over fast food, Slow Travel is designed to let travelers form a true connection to local people, culture, and place. The Asa Wright Nature Centre is an ideal place to experience Slow Travel, surrounded by nature and served by a staff with deep ties to the local community, the conservation, and educational mission of the Centre.

Treat yourself to a fabulous in-house holiday with special programming offered by the staff and friends of AWNC, Trinidad. If you have been to the Centre before, this is a wonderful chance to return for special attention from the staff, guides and board. If you have never been to AWNC but are looking for a relaxing trip where you unpack once and really get to know one place, you can count on leaving refreshed from this birding holiday.

Enjoy a terrific mix of half-day morning field trips, to classic locations on site and nearby, then just relax, or join afternoon options that share skills of the Centre’s wonderful staff. Learn from the Centre naturalists who will have prepared special presentations, pick coffee, give back to nature by planting hummingbird-attracting shrubs with the landscape staff, watch a Trinidad-focused cooking demonstration, or visit the local Arima outdoor market.

Tour Highlights on Trinidad

  • Savor six nights at the classic AWNC allowing time to “lime”; relish morning coffee and birding on the famous Verandah
  • Bird the Centre and surrounding areas with AWNC’s expert guides, who share robust knowledge and friendly, world-class guiding skills
  • Experience the Asa Wright Nature Centre at a relaxed pace – with lots of time to enjoy the Centre and really get to know the staff, board and other Friends who make the place memorable
  • Gain exclusive access to enigmatic Oilbirds in the grotto of Dunston Cave
  • Walk with the landscape specialist, join a cooking demonstration, visit a local market, enjoy a local band
  • Explore Trinidad’s mountain scenery and feast on a local lunch with music in the nearby village of Brasso Seco
  • Take a boat ride into Caroni National Park for the unforgettable spectacle of Scarlet Ibis returning to their roost.

Photo credits: Group on Bridge, Silver-beaked Tanager, Asa Wright Nature Centre Entrance, Gray-lined Hawk, Red-capped Cardinal, Long-billed Starthroat, Group on Verandah, Green-backed Trogon all by Hugh Simmons Photography.


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