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Have the end of winter blues? Grab a friend to go birding tropical style! This trip is designed for families and friends to plan last-minute end of winter and spring break travel.

We've kept it simple–this Spring Break Package includes airport transfers, all your lodging and meals, and the irresistible field trip out to see Scarlet Ibis by the thousands on a boat ride through Caroni National Park. The rest of the time is for you to be together–take part in naturalist-led walks at the Center (including a fun Night Hike!), swim in the natural pool, watch birds, agoutis, and more from the famed Verandah.

If you have been to the Centre before, this is a wonderful chance to bring those you love and enjoy as you return at rates affordable to come as a group. If you have never been to AWNC but are looking for a relaxing trip where you unpack once and really get to know this enchanting tropical place, you can count on leaving refreshed from this birding holiday.

This Spring Break package has little scheduled! You can fill it up with added field trips if you wish or take time to learn from the Centre’s wonderful staff. Join their presentations, walk with them to pick coffee, give back to nature by planting a hummingbird-attracting shrub with the landscape staff, watch a Trinidad-focused cooking demonstration, and hike the trails. Birding is fabulous and right there on the Verandah before you!

Tour Highlights on Trinidad

  • Savor six nights at the classic AWNC allowing time to relish morning coffee and birding on the famous Verandah
  • Bird the Centre and surrounding areas with AWNC’s expert guides, who share robust knowledge and friendly, world-class guiding skills
  • Experience the Asa Wright Nature Centre at a relaxed pace–with lots of time to enjoy the Centre and really get to know the staff, board and other friends who make the place memorable
  • Enjoy a fun Night Hike in the surrounding areas of the AWNC
  • Get to know the great staff! Walk with the landscape specialist, join a cooking demonstration.
  • Take a boat ride into Caroni National Park for the unforgettable spectacle of Scarlet Ibis returning to their roost.
  • Enjoy the extra special Leatherback Turtles on the beach at night during the two dates that dip into April.

Photo credits: Banner image: Scarlet Ibis, Hugh Simmons; Yellow-rumped Cacique, Mike Boyce; Ruby Topaz, Dave Ramlal; Trinidad Motmot, Pete Baum; Guianan Trogon, Glen Chambliss; Agouti, Kim Wright; Birding Cuffie Road, Peg Abbott.


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