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Join this special Trinidad Bird Extravaganza birding and nature tour, the very best introduction to tropical birding. This tour features author and editor of Birding magazine Ted Floyd. Well-known for his festival appearances, too, Ted is excited to share his expertise with you.

Trinidad, with its nearness to Venezuela, offers a variety of birds not usually seen on an island, while Tobago feels completely different—classic Caribbean. Combined, these islands offer a variety of habitats that yield dramatic diversity.

Photo credits: Banner: Copper-rumped Hummingbird by Buck Snelson; Bananaquit by Sandy Sorkin; Golden-olive Woodpecker by Sandy Sorkin; Common Potoo at Cuffie River Nature Retreat by Mike Boyce; Red-billed Tropicbird by Mike Boyce; Trinidad Motmot by Mike Boyce; Oilbird by Janice Petko; Purple Honeycreeper by Peg Abbott; Red-crowned Woodpecker by Sandy Sorkin.


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