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“[Guyana] is still so wild, and in the very best sense of the word.” — Patty Kusler Riexinger

Join Caligo Ventures and Naturalist Journeys on a spectacularly wild adventure to Guyana, South America’s hidden gem, followed by five fabulous nights at Trinidad's Asa Wright Nature Centre.

Guyana's unspoiled wilderness, off the radar for many travelers, offers an amazing experience ... birds and mammals abound! The substrate here is the ancient granitic Guianan Shield, which, along with the Brazilian Shield to the south of the Amazon River, forms the primeval geologic heart of South America. Tropical rainforest has been growing here for millions of years, slowly adapting to changing conditions as nutrients leached from the soils. Today Guyana still holds endless forest, myriad rivers, and expansive savannah.

Trinidad's world-famous Asa Wright Nature Centre is a charming nature lodge located in a lush 2,000 acre tract of rainforest high in the Arima Valley of the island’s Northern Range. From the Centre’s famed verandah, surrounded by vibrant orchids and bromeliads, visitors often see up to 40 life birds before breakfast that include a colorful array of tanagers, hummingbirds, and honeycreepers. Spend time on the Centre's well-maintained trail system and explore the island on day trips to see plentiful wildlife highlights, including the roosting Scarlet Ibis of Caroni National Park and the Centre’s own Oilbird population.

This tour is operated by our partner company Naturalist Journeys.

Photo credits: Juvenile Harpy Eagle by Pat Lueders; Capped Heron by Peg Abbott; Bananaquit by Peg Abbott; Blue-chinned Sapphire by Dave Ramlal; Giant Anteater by Peg Abbott; Giant River Otter by Bud Ferguson; Bearded Bellbird by Robert Martinez; Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock by Peg Abbott; Channel-billed Toucan by Sandy Sorkin.