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Join Caligo Ventures and Naturalist Journeys on this exciting NEW tour to Trinidad. June is a fantastic time to witness the richness of life and all its complexities on this Trinidad nature tour that offers a fast and fun study of tropical biology and ecology. In addition to Trinidad’s rainbow of birds, June’s cooling rains bring out a kaleidoscope of life, from land crabs to katydids to Tegu lizards and more. Ph.D. biologists, Howard Topoff and Carol Simon, lead this tour and are known for making learning fun. Imagine this as a tropical ecology course with no exams!

The continental origin and proximity of Trinidad to South America, along with its varied habitats, results in an incredibly diverse biota. Dominated by the beautiful Northern Range, which rises to 3,000 feet and was historically covered by tropical rainforest, the island is only 50 miles long and about 37 miles wide, yet boasts 97 native mammals, 400 birds, 55 reptiles, 25 amphibians, and 617 butterflies, as well as over 2,200 species of flowering plants. No other area in the West Indies, and few areas of comparable size in tropical America, match this impressive species diversity.

Begin your journey in Grand Riviere, the stronghold for rare Trinidad Piping-Guans and Leatherback Turtle nesting. Then jump in to your tropical forest experience at the famous Asa Wright Nature Centre (AWNC) in the Northern Range. Although world famous for its bird watching opportunities, AWNC offers so much more for the wildlife-interested traveler. Carol and Howard present on topics that include primates, bats, reptiles, social insect systems, plants, and more. Gain new skills as you are introduced to many smaller-winged creatures, and even some that crawl.

This tour is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in tropical biodiversity as you watch the rainforest come to life on day and night excursions. Carol and Howard spend their time touring the world and sharing their knowledge on cruises and land excursions. We are just so thrilled they can be with us this week!

Tour Highlights on Trinidad

  • Look for the highly endangered Trinidad Piping-Guan while at Grande Riviere
  • Witness the Leatherback Sea Turtle nesting on the beach and possibly see emerging hatchlings
  • Indulge in morning coffee and incredible birding on the Asa Wright Nature Centre’s famed verandah
  • Explore the Centre’s trails to witness manakin and bellbird leks, army ants, tarantulas, native mammals, and more
  • Hike to see enigmatic Oilbirds in the AWNC's own grotto of Dunston Cave
  • See skies turned crimson with thousands of Scarlet Ibis coming in to roost in Caroni National Park

Photo credits: Banner: Red Howler Monkey by Mukesh Ramdass; Agouti by Karen Chiasson; Channel-billed Toucan by Steve Wolfe; Cooks Tree Boa by Mukesh Ramdass; Flame-tailed Pondhawk by Buck Snelson; Tayra by Mukesh Ramdass; Ruby Topaz by Dave Ramlal; Katydid by Bob Behrstock; Capuchins by Peg Abbott.


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