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Avid birders and natural history fans alike have flocked to Trinidad’s Asa Wright Nature Centre for four decades, drawn by a magnetic combination of fascinating birds, talented naturalists, and a place that makes history in Neotropical studies. Trinidad and Tobago are simply the best possible introduction to Neotropical birding and ecology.

Join Sheri Williamson and Tom Wood, directors of the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory (SABO) for this adventure. Spend time deep in the forest at Cuffie River Nature Retreat on Tobago, then immerse yourself at the famous Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad’s Northern Range, where, like SABO, education and conservation drives their mission.

On both Trinidad and Tobago, great views of birds abound. It’s almost as if the islands emanate a magical force, making many of these amazing species appear almost tame. Trinidad Motmot and Purple and Green Honeycreepers are among some 40 possible species to see before breakfast, as they frenzy at the feeders on the Centre’s famed verandah. Over a dozen species of hummingbirds can be seen at arm’s length! Another incredible feature of the Centre is Dunston Cave, the most accessible Oilbird colony on the planet.

Trinidad has the highest diversity of hummingbirds in the West Indian archipelago. Geologically a part of South America, Trinidad’s hummingbirds offer a glimpse into past ecological connections. SABO leader Sheri Williamson enhances our experience with lectures on hummingbird behavior and ecology. In the field, examine their relationships with plants and habitats.

So why travel with SABO? Not only will you travel with like-minded birders who support bird research and conservation, you also get the added bonus of SABO directors’ Sheri Williamson and Tom Wood’s expertise, partnered with the Asa Wright Nature Centre’s legendary local guides, making this a trip not to be missed.

Tour Highlights on Trinidad

  • Spend time with Sheri Williamson and Tom Wood, directors of the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory and outstanding teachers and guides!
  • Enjoy local experts, local food, and fun
  • Be dazzled by the jewel tones of tropical hummingbirds and other gems
  • Explore Tobago’s Main Ridge Forest Reserve and Little Tobago Island, two of Tobago’s most important birding areas
  • Tally up to 40 life birds before breakfast on Trinidad’s Asa Wright Nature Centre’s famed verandah
  • Explore the Centre trails and visit an incredible (and accessible) Oilbird cave
  • Traverse the Blanchisseuse Road in lush mountain forests of Trinidad’s Northern Range
  • Bird Nariva Swamp and Bush Bush Forest Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Enjoy birds en-mass, from Yerette’s frenzied hummers to Caroni’s Scarlet Ibis

Photo credits: Banner: Copper-rumped Hummingbird by Buck Snelson; Blue-chinned Sapphire by Sandy Sorkin; Ruby Topaz by Dave Ramdass; Long-billed Starthroat by Hugh Simmons Photography; Tufted Coquette by Rich Wagner | WildNaturePhotos; White-necked Jacobin by Peg Abbott; White-chested Emerald by Buck Snelson.


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