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We call this tour ULTIMATE as it is designed to showcase the best of Trinidad and Tobago. Compared to our 10-Day, 2-Island Classic Tour, it is more varied and covers more of both islands. Experience time at two additional lodges; Mt. Plaisir at Grand Riviere and the beachside Blue Waters Inn on Tobago. These lodges offer not only the ultimate in birding variety, but also the chance to take some breaks to pursue your interests, be they birding, butterflies, photography, or simply relaxing in a tropical setting and letting the birds come to you.

Depending on the dates and itinerary you choose, begin at one of two well-regarded Port of Spain hotels—either the Hyatt Regency Trinidad, a full-service hotel perched on the edge of the Gulf of Paria, or Pax Guest House, an historic boutique lodge nestled high above the city, adjacent to the Mount St. Benedict Monastery and wild forest land. Regardless of which hotel you start your tour from, the itinerary will be the same but you will end your tour at the other hotel. Enjoy the same number of nights in each hotel with Tobago in-between.

While on Trinidad, explore from the verdant mountains of the Northern Range, to the lowland grasslands of the northern savanna’s Aripo Agricultural Station. Spend two nights at a boutique, beachfront lodge on Trinidad’s northern coast, Mt. Plaisir, where lush forests provide a stronghold for the endangered Trinidad Piping-guan. Scope the eastern coast on a full-day field trip to Nariva Swamp, and see the Scarlet Ibis at Caroni National Park as we boat through canals and waterways.

On Tobago the bird viewing platform at Cuffie River Nature Retreat allows for birds-eye viewing and accessible photography opportunities. Blue Waters Inn offers swimming or snorkeling right from their beach. Guided walks in the historic Main Forest Ridge Preserve lets you find more secretive forest species, while a short uphill trek to a lookout on Little Tobago Island rewards one with acrobatic tropicbirds, two species of boobies and Magnificent Frigatebirds at eye level.

Tour Highlights on Trinidad

  • Experience outstanding comfort at the Hyatt Regency, our base for exploring the mountains, savanna and mangroves of Central Trinidad.
  • Enjoy big vistas and hummingbirds at Pax Guest House—a quiet oasis just a short ride from coastal birding and the cultural hub of Port of Spain.
  • Relish two nights at Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel on the ocean at Grande Riviere.
  • Look for the highly endangered Trinidad Piping-guan and in season, Leatherback Turtles.
  • Arrive to a frenzy at Cuffie River Retreat’s feeders, perfect for observation and photography. Enjoy creative tropical architecture; let the breeze be your ventilation in this peaceful mountain retreat.
  • Enjoy Blue Waters Inn’s boutique air-conditioned ocean-front accommodations with private bath and porch or patio, and a picturesque vista across Batteaux Bay.
  • Marvel at tropical seabirds and tropical fish on a boat tour to Little Tobago Island.
  • Visit Tobago’s historic Main Forest Ridge Reserve with an expert local guide.
  • Explore mangrove swamps, sandy beaches, and rocky coastlines for wetland, coastal and pelagic birds.
  • Witness skies turned crimson with thousands of Scarlet Ibis as they fly in to roost at Caroni National Park.
  • Travel with the island’s most expert guides who offer robust knowledge and friendly, world-class guiding skills.
  • *Some tours may start at the Hyatt Regency and end at Pax Guest house – all tours will have the same number of nights at each of these two hotels.

Photo credits: Banner: Trinidad Piping-guan, Peg Abbott; Leatherback Turtle, Peg Abbott; Bay-headed Tanager, Steve Wolfe; Torch Ginger, CV Stock; Green Honeycreeper, Mike Boyce; Ferruginous Pygmy Owl, Mike Boyce; Palm Tanager, Mike Boyce; Scarlet Ibis, Mike Boyce; Caterpillar, Mike Boyce.


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